Terms Of Service

The service provided by Seps4Tshirts.com is digital and contains no physical elements,
Seps4Tshirts.com do not sell shirts or real items. Our service is of design and separation of colors for Printing shirts and Screenprinting industry .

The files sent to us do not belong to us, it is entirely the responsibility of the client to send the files.
We do not keep files for more than 60 days.
Files sent by clients are confidential, will not be published, sold, modified for other uses, not will copies be made.

By sending the files to Seps4Tshirts.com you accept the policies of use. We will be do no works with that go in favor of terrorism, violations of copyright, pornography, or any action that violates the law in any term in any country.
We reserve the right to accept work
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