RE-Draw and Fix Files for DTG Printers

Each printer comes with its own printing program, means the RIP 
I want to explain is to improve the quality of the image so we can have a clearer printing and save ink. 
often have made impressions on the screen and see the colors look good, but to make the impression we often see dirty colors and tones that really are not what we want. 
see white colors with some dots of other colors, opaque blacks and reds a little orange.

It can be very frustrating in many cases, and our customers can not get out at all satisfied with the result, and that one thing is the digital image and the other is the printed image. 

With this in mind I want to share with you a simple tip for these results go as we really want.

Here we can see some pictures where it has corrected the color, it is important to analyze the image before correcting the colors, but following these tips can greatly improve our impressions, remember to print on t run the risk of not having a good impression if the file is not in good condition, but if you follow these tips you can bet that this will change from now on

also we Re-Draw and Vectorize your Ideas or your customers request!

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